A few months ago we discussed the importance of drinking water. Following up on the importance of water and staying hydrated it is equally as important to not become overhydrated. Yes – it’s possible to drink too much water.

We live in a warmer climate so naturally, we need to hydrate to counteract the heat of this paradise we call home but we need to be careful not to overcompensate. It’s easy to misunderstand instructions to drink more water and stay hydrated. While each gender, age, level of physical activity requires different amounts of water we still must be mindful of not overdrinking water.

If you drink too much water it can deplete your electrolytes and lead to further complications. One way to monitor if you are hydrated enough is to check your urine. Clear urine is a sign that you may be overhydrated. Dark urine means you are dehydrated. Pale yellow, like lemonade, is just right.

So, how do you know if you are overhydrated? There are a few tells, including – always having a water bottle on you that never stays empty for long, constant trips to the bathroom day and night, clear urine, you get headaches (yes dehydration can cause this too), swelling in the hands feet and lips, muscle weakness and cramps.

Don’t be alarmed. Only see a doctor if you have blurry visons, persistent thirst no matter how much you drink, fatigue, excessive hunger or cuts or sores that don’t heal.

With all things whether its food, physical exercise or even rest and sleep It’s all about balance.