Mission Statement

The mission of the diabetes self-management programme of the Cayman Pharmacy Group is to provide quality diabetes self-management education to people with diabetes in our community. We believe that education is the key to empowering the person with diabetes to better manage his or her disease, and thereby avoid the complications of the disease and achieve optimal health status.

Programme Description

The diabetes centre at the Cayman Pharmacy Group will provide diabetes self-management education to adults and children with types 1 and 2 diabetes, as well as patients with gestational diabetes. In addition, those who are at risk for the disease will be taught core skills and behavioural changes which can help to delay the onset of the disease and allow one to lead a healthier, more productive life. The pharmacists of the group will be trained to provide these services in order to achieve sustainability of the effort.

The Process

Participants will enter the programme either through physician or self-referral. An individual assessment will be conducted; the educator and the participant will discuss learning needs, and collaborate to develop the individual education plan based on the priorities identified. Group classes will be structured into two sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours, and participants may attend all or part of the programme to meet their specific needs. For some participants, individual education may be more appropriate and the educator will work with these participants in a one-on-one setting. Group instruction will be provided by a team of pharmacists. Before the end of the programme, all participants meet with the pharmacist to demonstrate the necessary self-care skills, and will have the opportunity to develop an individualized meal plan. If one-to-one instruction is chosen, education will be provided by the pharmacist when possible. If objectives are not met, additional one-to-one instruction will be provided by the pharmacist until objectives are met.

Upon completion of the programme, the participant will identify one health or quality of life outcome that is personally relevant and meaningful, and will select at least one behavioral goal that will help him/her achieve this outcome. All programme participants will receive an opportunity for a follow-up appointment three months after completion of the programme to assess their diabetes self-management skills, as well as progress towards goal(s). Those individuals who are unable to keep this appointment, will be contacted via phone to complete the follow-up process.

We expect to adjust class times as this programme grows to provide more flexibility to those who are employed.

Our programme will also offer a unique monthly support group, called “The Cayman Glucose Busters”; meetings will be held at a time to be announced. The goal of this group meeting is to provide support and information to those in the community with the disease, and to their family members.

Finally, the Cayman Pharmacy Group will provide to all clients a free assessment form for personal risk assessment of the disease; and will encourage those at high risk to participate in a 12 week “Diabetes Prevention Programme”. At this programme aspects of lifestyle modification will be discussed; weight and other lifestyle parameters will be monitored, and participants will be provided with a certificate of completion.

This programme is intended to target those members of the community, young and old, who are obese and willing to make the necessary changes now to prevent the sequelae of diabetes, by preventing/delaying onset of the disease.

This programme will be part of the Cayman Pharmacy Group, and the programme facilitator will report to the supervisor.