Home Health Care

Cayman Pharmacy Group strives to address all of your home health needs.

All 3 of our Pharmacies (West Bay Pharmacy & Gifts, Savannah Pharmacy & Gifts and CTMH | Doctors Hospital Pharmacy) offer an array of everyday products such as:

  • pill splitters and dispensers
  • Medical alert bracelets
  • pillows for various postural issues
  • magnifying glasses
  • shower and toileting aids and
  • feeding utensils for individuals experiencing post stroke paralysis or other neurological issues

However, unique to the island, CTMH | Doctors Hospital Pharmacy also offers specialized fitting and sourcing of orthopedic, respiratory and wound care products by trained staff.

Home Health Care

The Home Health Care Centre at CTMH | Doctors Hospital Pharmacy, currently stocks:

  • Blood pressure and Diabetic monitors
  • Dressings for wound care and scar reduction (Cica-Care, DuoDerm, Tegraderm, Kino tape and Hypafix) to name a few
  • Durable orthopedic goods –ie- Neck collars/braces, posture correctors, back braces, wrist thumb supports/braces, knee supports and braces, and ankle supports/braces and fracture boots and various finger splints by DeRoyal.
  • Positioning aids for convalescence and skin integrity
  • Canes and Crutches – Standard, Quad, Forearm
  • Respiratory Products – CPAP machines, masks, pillows and tubing; Nebulizers, Incentive Spirometers and Peak Flow meters
  • Women’s health products – i.e-maternity supports, and pelvic floor educators and Self Breast Exam kits.

We also source “special order” products from overseas at a competitive rate with short return times

In addition, CTMH | Doctors Hospital Pharmacy offers Individualized fitting sessions for compression garments to aid in edema issues caused from cancer, pregnancy, venous disorders or general surgery or other medical ailments.

We at the Cayman Pharmacy Group, are striving for excellence.